Gema is a successful architecture and interior design company in Vietnam, rooted in the conviction that innovation has the power to transform lives and enhance communities. As an architecture company, we are committed to create unique and ingenious solutions that respond to each client’s aesthetic and budgetary needs. The essence of our spaces, their spirit and soul, are all- important: we believe that the projects of an innovative interior design company should impress guests not only on their first visit, but with each return, surprising and inspiring through their substance, depth and refinement. An outstanding design solution should always be creative, environmentally progressive and produce a lasting impact, unique to our clients’ mission

Interior design is at the core of GEMA – Architecture & Interior Design practice. Our interiors are shaped by a strong architectural base, heeding a unique conceptual story originating in the project context and site, and establishing an exclusive sense of place. From this understanding, our design studio develop complete interior proposals and custom designs to create distinctive aesthetic outcomes. This process has resulted in projects which, while contemporary, defy easy stylistic classification. By gaining a holistic view of our clients’ vision, needs, and context, and adding creativity and innovation, our work seeks to address complex problems. We provide our clients with a growing knowledge base and technical skills that reflect the latest developments in retail, hospitality and construction.

The integrity of our client’s values, the quality and the work experience of our staff, our long-standing experience in interior design and a deep respect for the people who build and live in our designs are our core set of principles. GEMA – Architecture & Interior Design has established an excellent record of design, project management and budget control and seeks to deliver a unique aesthetic that employs volumes and materials in creative and unconventional ways. The firm’s emphasis on teamwork permeates all aspects of Gema’s interior design work, a professional ethic that supports honesty, integrity, accountability and respect among and for our clients, colleagues, community, and environment.