Having a specific process makes projects run
on time and budget.

It all starts with a conversation

After we have a contract we take the time get to know our clients. We like to understand their needs and goals for their spaces before we begin the project. That way we can design from the ground up with every aspect of their needs in mind. Then we can create spaces for our clients that not only look beautiful but also make their lives easier. Once we have a good idea, we present a the client with a design concept presentation

Start to Design

Then we start the design phase. We take everything we’ve learned about our clients needs and start to make designs that are built around them. We believe that functionality aesthetics need to come together in a perfect balance. We then take our more complete designs and drawings back to our clients for feedback. We then revise until we reach our clients goals and deliver the final designs.

Time to Build

Our team meets with the construction or fit out team to make sure that every aspect of the plans and construction drawings are clearly understood. Some of our clients prefer us to participate in the tendering process, which we often do, to help them find the right construction and fit out contractors. When it comes time to build, we make several site visits to make sure that everything is progressing well. Some clients prefer us to make more frequent site visits which we are happy to do as part of extended contracts.

Let’s Celebrate

After we complete our projects we like to have ongoing relationships with our clients. We want to make sure that our clients get the most out of their new spaces. As our clients needs change over time we are here to help them make the improvements and enhancements they need. Utilizing our existing relationships with the clients and all parties involved we can make changes with existing clients easier and cost effective.