GEMA – Architecture & interior Design is a dynamic architecture company working on innovative projects to create exceptional environments and to conceive places that enhance human experience in rich and varied settings. We take a holistic approach to architecture that encompasses interior and exterior design, landscape composition and master planning. Our work demonstrates a passion for cultural engagement as we are dedicated to design responses with a strong sense of place and to help promoting Vietnam architecture. Each realization of our architecture company is grounded in a material and aesthetic landscape that locates and anchors the project.

Structured as a studio practice, Gema is working diligently to inspire and make a positive difference in architectural design and to create buildings that embody the most inspired architectural meaning for our clients. This focus challenges everyone in the office to produce at their highest potential and to deliver excellence in custom architecture for residential, commercial, hotel and resort projects. Our core objective is to establish a professional and trusting relationship with our clients and to attain a clear understanding, allowing us to interpret and materialize their needs.

We combine rigorous design with construction management experience and a long standing collaboration with engineers and suppliers, ensuring a seamless execution from first idea to final result. Gema also provides in-house expertise
in hospitality planning and landscape architecture. Some projects have given us the opportunity to employ every facet of our expertise, such as the Qûe Tôi Resort in Phú Yên province, the Pepper House Working Space or the renowned El Gaucho restaurants, while others allowed for a more focused intervention, for example The Club Bar at the Sofitel Metropole Hanoi or the internationally acclaimed Compass Skyview Lounge in Bangkok.

As an architectural design company, we define architecture as art and beauty, science and engineering, values and beliefs, friendship and team-working. It is one of life’s rewarding activities, bringing together a wide range of personalities, skills and expertise. GEMA – Architecture & interior Design values are contemporary: efficiency, elegance and logic, clean lines and forms that allow the architecture to speak for itself. Esthetical honesty in the expression of the materials is privileged and is evident in the space, light, materials and spatial relationships, allowing its occupants to thrive. The result is architectural design that is current but timeless, serene yet warm, and universally rational while also being uniquely reflective of the essence and values of our clients.