GEMA – Architecture & Interior Design is a firm with an extensive international practice, working alongside food and beverage companies in restaurant design and bar design. Hospitality interior design is one of the most competitive and demanding field: when recommending a restaurant to a friend or sharing a review online, a great ambience is discussed in the same breath as the food and service. Our clients realize how the architecture and interior design of their establishment directly influence its revenue and overall achievement.

One of the most important element of a successful operation is an efficient blueprint, allowing unobstructed circulations for both customers and staff. Gema gives particular attention to this initial phase, crafting a general plan with an intuitively welcoming layout, inviting for guests, easing service and increasing profitability. In many interventions, we try to use the original envelope and volume, highlighting their qualities as much as possible, while reimagining completely the existing space and allowing us to give it a brand new life.

GEMA – Architecture & Interior Design brings attention to every detail, favoring the natural depth of stone and wood albeit with unique innovative finishes and is pleased to contribute memorable and innovative interior design to Vietnam. The cozy urban ambiance created is complemented with contemporary and comfortable furniture, enticing patrons to stay longer and enjoy their experience. Warm tones are preferred, conducive to a joyous mood and heightened appetite! Gema assists each of its client at every step of the project from space planning and modeling, customer profiling and flow, cost modeling, equipment planning and kitchen layout. One exclusive advantage we provide is a dedicated in-house consulting team, Gema Hospitality Division, accompanying our clients from the very beginning of each project with all the necessary information and requirements.

Successful F & B projects require the specialist knowledge of an interior design company and Gema has delivered a vast portfolio of outstanding and imaginative configurations, attesting to our expertise in restaurant design. Through our global knowledge of the food and beverage industry, we collaborate with clients to develop sustainable, efficient solutions that promote innovation in a competitive market. Our portfolio includes restaurants, bars and hotel, all characterized by a unique convergence between the ideals of the past and an off-beat, forward-looking sensibility. We are honored as an architecture company that some of our achievements, such as the Vanilla Sky Rooftop Bar, have been nominated for international awards.