GEMA – Architecture & Interior Design is a brand-driven architecture & interior design studio providing a wide range of experiences for guests and customers of retail spaces. Our extensive practical knowledge of interior design in Vietnam presents unique and memorable interactions for each of our projects, while establishing efficient operational systems behind the scenes, driving revenue and growth for our clients. Over the last decade, Gema has had the opportunity to collaborate on an eclectic selection of assignments from customer service and electronics to exclusive clothing boutiques, while consistently delivering exclusive, creative and original solutions for each retail design undertaking.

Responsiveness is part of our DNA and Gema consistently supports established and emerging brands to express themselves by developing new concepts in interior design, visualizing brands, and crafting environments of scale.We use a collaborative approach that integrates our clients and their vision throughout the entire process. Partnering from the very beginning is essential to intuitively capture the essence of the product, the image of the brand and the instinctive motivations of its customers. Gema’s design studio always aims to understand the core of a brand and to translate this message in every volume, texture or detail of its interior design creations. We always thrive to compliment the product, giving it preponderance.

Gema’s well-established practice in retail design builds on this privileged relationship with first-hand know-how and insights in customer’s behavior and retail trends gathered from a vast knowledge of planning and designing for retail clients. Our design strategy is to integrate every element seamlessly in a coherent and elegant experience, inviting for the customer and enjoyable for the staff. Our design studio provides original and cost-effective solutions benefiting from a long-standing collaboration with local suppliers, ensuring on-time delivery. Every project is approached separately, presenting a unique and original interior design creation each time. Functionality and elegance are meshed to produce a special happening, conveying through a strong visual impact the quintessence of the product.