Architecture and interior design lie at the heart of Gema’s mission. We have earned a reputation for concept-driven spaces and creative office design that resonate with guests, as every element relates to a central narrative. Working with various types of businesses, we listen, engage and immerse ourselves in our client’s culture, values and purpose. With insight into our client’s needs and a long practice of office interior design, we create solutions that maximize workspace efficiency and deepen employees’ satisfaction. To develop that vision, our process includes monitoring social and technological innovations, researching market-specific challenges and delving deeply into our client’s organization to understand what is unique and mission-critical for each project.

GEMA – Architecture & Interior Design has developed a great expertise in planning functional co-working spaces fostering a positive collaborative spirit. Open layout is preferred for office interior design to encourage spontaneous and improvised gatherings, and transparency is used as a way to facilitate chance meetings and interchanges. Playing with recurring sequences and symmetry allows us to project the impression of larger volumes. Our intervention in office design aims to be functional, combining a minimalistic approach favoring industrial urban expression with exposed ductwork. Gema always strives to create harmonious surroundings where spending long hours remains enjoyable!

Natural wood and warm colors touches are used to enliven and energize the space and a variety of wall treatments are applied to create dynamism. Visual boundaries are established through different floor tilling, intuitively establishing semi-private spaces to encourage concentration and immersive work. Focused lighting, complimented by natural ambient illumination, is present over each work surface. From our architectural design experience, we recognize that special attention must be given to acoustics and absorbing surfaces are judiciously integrated. Intuitive and discreet storage is also provided, facilitating efficiency. For each client, Gema selects optimal ergonomic furniture to ensure close attention and productivity.

Gema’s goal for office design is to create an environment and culture where everyone can deliver the best work of their lives. We value empathy, curiosity, and we embrace hard work leading to innovation. For the people who work, learn, serve and gather in the spaces we shape, our goal is always to exceed expectations. We blend research and planning in our office interior design to create environments that meet strategic objectives and support people while they work, trying to create a home away from home.