GEMA – Architecture & Interior Design is constantly seeking to innovate in the hospitality field with lasting realizations in hotel design and resort design, inspired by a holistic approach at the community scale. We aim to deliver projects that seek to charm each guest, within a culturally relevant setting, while also meeting the requirements of the operator and developer. The result: spaces that are comfortable, refined, unique, and that provide a memorable experience.

Our projects emphasize conceptual experiences by designing environments that are both socially responsive and aesthetically pleasing. The forces of landscape, context, material integrity, and the sculpting of natural light, as well as the purity of spatial volumes, create solutions reinforcing the pragmatic requirements of each client. Through an array of international realizations, we persist in the dual pursuit of permanence and adaptability.

Resort and hotel design projects are intertwined with their respective location, integrating traces of local inspiration and opening each vista on its surroundings. Particular attention is given the positioning of each unit and to the overall landscape architecture, a craft that we have perfected with our own designated studio. Another unique attention is the exclusive Gema Hospitality Division, where our team of expert consultants assists each client with long-term expertise in hospitality planning and operations.

With our extensive resort design know-how, we have become proficient in conceiving interior zones adorned with contemporary notes, rich textured walls and dynamic floor patterns, freeing wide flexible areas. There is an honesty in the materials used and particular care is given to circulations, providing a sense of procession and decorum. Always seeking to incorporate sustainability in hotel design, we collaboratively assess and choose with the client, materials, textures and colors complimenting the spaces created while amplifying natural ventilation. GEMA – Architecture & Interior Design chooses to position illumination selectively, focusing attention and directing traffic while playing with shadows, exalting the glamour of the night.

Gema’s extensive experience in high-end hospitality projects has provided us with particular insight into resort design and hotel administration, which translates into effective operational management. This key strength means we understand the importance of bespoke requirements in hotel design. Gema produces hospitality spaces that charm guests while maximizing functional efficiencies and creating lasting value.